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Bentonite clay 100g

Bentonite is an absorbent clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite and has an incredible ability to..

9.50 лв

Cacao and Jojoba Oil 60g

Cold-pressed cacao butter with its irresistible chocolate aroma is fabulous skin food. Jojoba oil co..

11.50 лв 9.90 лв

Herbal shampoo 220 ml

This shampoo combines the effect of various herbs and natural oils and revitalizes treated and dull ..

10.00 лв

Lavender shampoo 220 ml

This gentle shampoo is effective for oily scalp and has a hydrating and balancing effect. Combines t..

10.00 лв

Shampoo bar - nettle and mint

This shampoo bar has a deep hydrating effect, strengthens hair roots and is effective against hairfa..

7.00 лв

Soap - Ginger & Carrot

Natural handmade soap, made of palm oil, shea butter, almond oil. With added ginger and carrot extra..

4.80 лв

Soap - lavender and poppy seed

A deeply nourishing and moisturizing soap bar combining the antibacterial effect of lavender and exf..

4.80 лв

Sunny shampoo

This shampoo bar has a deep hydrating and balancing effect. Prevents hair from getting oily...

7.00 лв

Sunny shampoo 220 ml

This shampoo is enriched with castor oil and is very effective against hair fall. Gives volume and v..

10.00 лв

Sunny soap

A refreshing and moisturizing soap bar with calendula, turmeric extracts and lemongrass aroma...

4.80 лв