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600 Essential Oil Recipes

Essential oil recipes for cosmetic and beauty products, cleaning products, etc...

19.00 лв


APPLICATION OF ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS describes different combinations of essential oils and their hea..

6.00 лв

Axis of Life

Axis of Life answers all the questions that each of us asks throughout the different stages of life...

15.90 лв

Ayurveda: a way of life

Ayurveda is an ancient system which helps you have a balanced and healthy way of life...

6.00 лв

Classical Chinese Acupressure

Classical Chinese Acupressure  for 80 diseases with detailed schemes...

20.00 лв

Idea Mapping

"Nast's work in Idea Mapping enables those with creative minds to clearly lay out their thinking pro..

19.00 лв

Introduction in Indology

УВОД В ИНДОЛОГИЯТА представя университетски цикъл лекции за студенти първокурсници в специалност И..

20.00 лв

Iyengar Yoga

This is a compilation of articles on Iyengar yoga, published in "Yoga for all" magazine in the perio..

6.00 лв

My Path in Aikido

This book outlines the development of Aikido in Bulgaria since the 80s of 20th century...

19.99 лв