Idea Mapping

Idea Mapping

"Nast's work in Idea Mapping enables those with creative minds to clearly lay out their thinking process and those who are more process-minded to become creative. If your organization is looking for a pragmatic, step-by-step guide to idea mapping, this is it."
--Chris Brown, Executive Vice President, DTE Energy Resources

"I have used idea maps for thirty years and have taught MBA students, employees, and my children how to harness their power. I strongly recommend this book and believe you will feel it to be one of the best investments you have ever made in your own growth."
--Stephen C. Lundin, coauthor, FISH!

"This is a book that everyone should read. It's an interactive, thought-provoking book about the brain and learning that will expand your mind. Nast, an accomplished and well-respected instructor, has guided me into a new realm of learning experiences and possibilities. I'm sure you will feel the same upon reading her insightful work."
--Simon Tai, CEO, Buzan Centre Taiwan and S&J Media Intergration Co. Ltd., Host of News Discovery on NEWS 98 Taiwan

"Nast shows you a revolutionary method to capture your thinking processes. Don't underestimate the simplicity of idea mapping because therein lies its genius."
--Scott Hagwood, four-time USA Memory Champion, author, Memory Power

"The ability to visually capture and organize thoughts and ideas has enabled millions of people around the world to do their work with greater creativity and productivity, run their businesses more strategically, and manage complex projects more efficiently--even map out a sales process or new product roll-out. Nast's very practical, readable book will get you quickly up to speed on one of the simplest but most powerful ways to organize your ideas, your work, and yourself."
--Mike Jetter, cofounder and CTO, Mindjet Corporation, coauthor, The Cancer Code

"The principles Nast writes about in Idea Mapping have become a staple for me over the past fourteen years. I was turned onto the concept of idea mapping in 1992 and have been a student and practitioner ever since. This has absolutely transformed the way I learn, design learning, and prepare for public speaking. I have never been more confident in my recall, knowing the content is nicely tucked away in my brain as it was designed to be. Get ready for a life-changing experience for yourself and those you influence."
--Will Flora, Senior Manager, Chick-Fil-A University, Atlanta, GA

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