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Application of essential oils

„Приложения на етеричните масла“ представя 54 от най-популярните етерични масла във физически и псих..

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Axis of Life

Axis of Life answers all the questions that each of us asks throughout the different stages of life...

15.90 лв

Ayurveda: a way of life

Ayurveda is an ancient system which helps you have a balanced and healthy way of life...

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Baby cards for the first year

12 handmade cards for the most important days in the first year of the baby...

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Classical Chinese Acupressure

Classical Chinese Acupressure  for 80 diseases with detailed schemes...

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Idea Mapping

"Nast's work in Idea Mapping enables those with creative minds to clearly lay out their thinking pro..

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Iyengar Yoga

This is a compilation of articles on Iyengar yoga, published in "Yoga for all" magazine in the perio..

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My Path in Aikido

This book outlines the development of Aikido in Bulgaria since the 80s of 20th century...

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In this book we present you the ancient teaching of Sankhya. Sankhya is one of the six orthodox syst..

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The Chakras

Chakras are psychic centres that generate energy and are a symbol of our evolution as human beings...

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The Golden Sutras. Hansakunda Upanishad

A collection of talks and speculations on  faith, truth, hope, feelings, freedom, ideals, the p..

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The Taste of Auyrveda

"The Taste of Ayurveda" presents the basic principles of Ayurveda - the ancient knowledge about heal..

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