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Health products
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ADLiquid™ Beauty Natural

ADLiquid™ Beauty Natural is a product which promotes micro-circulation  and the renewal of tiss..

46.00 лв

ADLiquid™ Cardio Support

ADLiquid™ Cardio Support contains herbs and nutrients which are essential for keeping in shape the m..

46.00 лв

ADLiquid™ Female Active Complex

ADLiquid™ Female Active Complex is a supplement which supports women's health and helps in balancing..

43.90 лв

ADLiquid™ Mental Comfort - reduces stress

ADLiquid™ Mental Comfort helps in reducing stress, promotes better sleep and overall mood, brings in..

43.90 лв

ADLiquid™ Osteo Complex

ADLiquid™ Osteo Complex is a natural health supplement which has a positive effect on the health of ..

43.90 лв

ADLiquid™ Thyreo Support - for the thyroid gland

ADLiquid™ Thyreo Support balances the function of the thyroid gland and has a positive effect on met..

46.00 лв


ADLiquid™Anti-Oxidant contains active ingredients which help the body adapt to the changes in enviro..

43.90 лв

ADLiquid™For Kids - immunity boost for children

ADLiquid™For Kids - immunity boost for children contains variety of herbs and nutrients which promot..

41.00 лв

ADLiquid™Male Active Complex

ADLiquid™Male Active Complex is a natural supplement, rich in active ingredients which support prost..

43.90 лв

Aloe vera (E.I.E.)

E.I.E. ALOE VERA 30 ML (ALOE) Stimulates regular bowel transit, digestion and liver function.Hydroen..

35.00 лв

Armax - colloidal silver

Armax - colloidal silver. Has a strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effect...

10.50 лв

ARTIGLIO D.D. - Harpagophytum procumbens Dc. (E.I.E.)

E.I.E. HARPAGOPHYTUM PROCUMBENS 30 ML (DEVIL’S CLAW) Improves joint functionality. Anti-inflammatory..

35.00 лв


Ashwagandha is a natural treatment for low energy states & general exhaustion, a tendency toward..

36.00 лв


E.I.E. BRONCAL 30 ML Improves the upper respiratory functions and defenses against external agents. ..

40.00 лв

Cardo Mariano - Silybum marianum (E.I.E.)

E.I.E. SILYBUM MARIANUM30 ML(MILK THISTLE) Improves digestive, hepatic and body detoxifying systems...

35.00 лв